Participatory Packaging Project

In nature, packaging conforms to the pollinator. Flowers emit aroma and utilize unique petal shapes and colors to attract their pollinators while employing thorns to keep predators at bay. Perfected through ages of trial and error, we too seek the next evolution of packaging. Packaging that invites consumers to smell, squeeze, and shake creates a bond with consumers. But packaging that is designed to help consumers through participation creates a distinctive bond. By inviting consumers to participate in activating the package’s functional attributes as well as facilitating the product lifecycle in a sustainable way, Coca-Cola can create a unique bond with consumers.


Based on the grape—nature’s self-contained, portable sphere of goodness—Dew Drops are aconvenient and fun way for consumers to drink healthy. Consumers take only what they need for built-in portion control.



Just as veins on a leaf provide cuesto how it works as a system, Squish’spackaging conveys freshness while helping consumers care for the environment by giving them clues about how to compress the containerfor recycling.



Like bananas, Apeels providesconveniently, portable andhealthy refreshment that maintainsa lasting freshness. When the Apeels bundle is frozen,the most thawed tubes presentthemselves first while the innermosttubes stay fresh. Made of collapsible, recyclable material(someday, of scent-emittingreconstituted fruit peel).



The fresh and customizable biodiversity of a garden is thegenesis of Phyto-Blends. Eachsingle-serve package can beopened easily with one hand and has an angular nozzle ontop and a recessed hole on bottom so the modular containers can be squeezed together toactivate the blending process. Hand heat activates a scent from the containers that dissipates when the drink is finished.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 2.08.28 PM.png


Packaging that has dimples, curves, quirks, bumps, thick areas and thin, random patterns to indicate “natural” and evoke a refreshing sense of calm.



Packaging with multiple handles, one perfect for parents, and others that make it easier for children or arthritic adults to pour.