About Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell is a designer, painter, and illustrator. She has worked with some of the leading firms in the Fortune 500 to create relevant and innovative design and brand identities. Her clients include Procter and Gamble, McDonald’s, Emory University, The Coca Cola Company, SunTrust Bank, Anisa International, Georgia Pacific, Newell Rubbermaid Corporation, Intercontinental Exchange, Federal Express, Carlsberg Group, Kimberly Clark and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

A graduate of The Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia, Mary has been a featured artist and speaker at Ole Miss University, and numerous galleries throughout the southeast. Her work has been featured on The Dieline, a website dedicated to the progress of the package design industry, and her work for Emory University was recently awarded a Silver Award in the CASE Circle of Excellence Awards.

In addition to being collaborative and creative, Mary has vision and strong opinions. She deeply believes in the power of smart, simple, and compelling design to communicate and engage audiences.

It’s the business of the future to be dangerous
— Marshall McLuhan
Mary Campbell


How i work

I believe that a strong brand identity is created by going to the roots of an organization, understanding its history and looking to the individuals who make up its heart and soul to inspire the creative process. I believe in listening, in gathering as much information as possible and then using my unique skills and talents to interpret this content in a way that resonates with individuals in the organization and their intended audience.

First: YOU come first. From the start, I listen to you—the client. I pay attention. The next steps will not go well if I don’t do that.

Second: I rotate and reflect on what you’ve told me and shown me before I offer my own ideas about how visually to express your brand to your demographic in a way that is compelling and authentic.

Third: You also come third. You either love what I’ve done or, if you’re not happy, we go back to the proverbial drawing board. 

In the end, we have created a brand that speaks for itself. Which is what good design is all about.


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